A Review of Bluetooth Technology-Enabled Hearing Aids

For those who have purchased a new hearing aid in the last few years, there is a chance that it has Bluetooth capability. While Bluetooth may be most familiar to you as the technology which allows hands-free calling on your cell phone, it has become a capability on many consumer devices in the last few years, including computers, home phones, televisions and mp3 players. The Bluetooth technology in your hearing aid lets you communicate with these devices in brand new ways, improving your listening experience and enjoyment.

A hearing aid’s Bluetooth capabilities are generally accessed by a separate device that’s both compact and simple to operate. These devices are usually worn around the neck or kept in a pocket. The controller is used to wirelessly receive sounds from Bluetooth enabled devices and transmit them to your hearing aid. The feature is used to enjoy your TV or phone without needing to increase the volume. Among the nicest features of having hearing aids that can receive Bluetooth signals is that you can listen to phone conversations in both ears, making it even easier to hear your caller.

Controllers for Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are made to be very easy to use. If you wish to link your hearing aids to a specific Bluetooth device (a television, for example), it’s typically as simple as pressing a button. If you would like to hear your television, simply push the television button once to turn it on, and then push it again when you wish to stop listening. Many manufacturers include other features in these controllers, allowing you to access many other benefits through this one device.

The additional comfort and safety that come with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can be especially important for older people with limited mobility. Some of the newest models allow the wearer to place telephone calls up to 30 feet away from the phone, allowing for easy communication without having to move to the telephone. This functionality could be potentially lifesaving during an emergency.

Bluetooth-equipped hearing aids offer you a high-quality listening experience which is difficult or impossible to duplicate using any other technology solution. This easy to use technology can drastically improve your ability to hear, allowing you to enjoy experiences that may have once been unrealistic.

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